National Cooperative Electricity Retail Fuel Mix

Electric cooperatives play a vital role in transforming the electric sector.
Advanced communications and automation technology enable co-ops to improve the resiliency and efficiency of their systems as they reduce environmental impacts by adding renewable resources. generate 5% of total U.S. electricity sell 13% of all U.S. electricity Co-ops and 2016 SALES 435 billion kWh.

Note: Non-hydro renewables includes owned and directly purchased generation, plus generation in the mix from wholesale market purchases.

National Cooperative Electricity Sales Summary

  • Co-ops added 295,995 new members in 2016
  • 84% of electric co-ops had a net increase in members in 2016
  • Electricity demand at co-ops increased about one-half of a percent in 2016, with co-op retail sales reaching 435 billion kilowatt-hours
  • Co-op residential electricity sales increased 0.4%
  • Commercial & industrial increased 0.3%; irrigation sales jumped 10.5%

National Cooperative Electricity Sales Growth

Co-op sales growth rates generally surpass that of the electric utility industry as a whole.

Cooperatives Sell


of All U.S. Electricity

Cooperatives Generate


of Total U.S. Electricity